Fasicuchain is The Future Blockchain Solution to Track &
Trace Products and Transform Brands


    About Fasicuchain

    Fasicuchain helps you demonstrate complete trust in your brands and products right across the supply chain, delivering a secure package or label which envelopes an authentic product. The solution is uniquely designed for labels, printing, and packaging. Our patented copy & duplication proof F-Labels on your product have a Blockchain based digital code (F-Code) underneath, thereby offering a first to the world solution which brings together the physical and digital aspects of product provenance. In summary the 3 key benefits of the solution are:

    • Authenticity – FasicuChain irrefutably confirms genuineness and attributes of a package through supply chains, from Farm to Fork or Factory Floor to Consumer.
    • Visibility - Our platform allows businesses to make themselves, their products and supply chains more Transparent and Traceable.
    • Interactivity – The Package comes alive! Retailer, Consumer, Brand Owner, Loyalty marketer can all interact in a confidential or permissioned manner.

    Fasicuchain Transforms Product Packaging

    Fasicuchain transforms product packaging by making it digital and linking the digital data with any physical product. 100% copy proof F-Labels are applied on each product label, smart tags or the print on the package itself. Each F-Label is linked to a cryptographic unique F-Code stored on an underlying blockchain distributed ledger making the total solution tamper proof and amenable to trust by all partners across the value chain. Key partners get their own Distributed Applications (D-apps) to verify or transact for their relevant activities.

    To a brand, we offer the complete solution covering your end to end supply chain, from packaging or label supplier, your manufacturing or filling lines, your transportation and logistics, your distribution and retail to finally the end consumer. Brands can get their own private blockchain or leverage our shared ecosystem of a consortium blockchain. Brands can also opt for a first to the world direct to consumer loyalty program for brands with a powerful reward currency - F-Coin.

    Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products (Food, Health & Beauty, Liquor etc.), White Goods, Luxury Products, Automotive, Electronic Devices (incl. IOT sensors) are some prime industries who are ready for a Blockchain led transformation that Fasicuchain is enabling.

    To packaging suppliers we enable them to white label our solution and in turn offer it to their own customers as a packaging transformation, to get a competitive advantage, strategic customer relationship and market share. Fasicuchain founders already have over 500+ packaging and label suppliers as its customers globally and is signing them up as early adopters of Fasicuchain. This will facilitate rapid execution and adoption for brands as well as an emerging standard.


    Solution Choices Stack – Wide Range combining Authenticity Visibility & Interactivity.

    • Authenticity – Enabling product level authenticity and provenance validation.
    • Visibility - Track & Trace solution along the entire supply chain.
    • Interactivity – Interactivity with all stakeholders.
    • Brand Transformation – Direct interaction with the end consumers through offers, incentives, loyalty program, trade schemes, social media connect, influencers and industry professionals.
    Fasicuchain Distributed Apps Integrate The Supply Chain From Producer to End Consumer

    Digital & Physical Authenticity Visibility Interactivity
    for Products & Packaging

    Among various solutions from Fasicuchain, F-Labels offer a high density, copy-sensitive code. Embedding production information, it’s copy or imitation by counterfeiters leads to a consequent loss of quality, which is instantly detected in the field with a smartphone and Vector Mobile® adaptor lens. This patented copy & duplication proof F-Labels on your product with a Blockchain based digital code
    underneath, is a first to the world bringing together the physical and digital aspects of product provenance.


    FasicuChain App for Android & IOS Platform


    Frequency Asked Questions

    As an early adopter, do we need to invest in the Blockchain technology and its infrastructure?

    Implementation of Fasicuchain solution needs minimal capital investment. Businesses need to only invest in one smart camera per production/filling line that activate/read 2D codes costing just few thousand dollars.

    How much time would it take to implement the solution?

    We have 3 levels of Solution. A-Authenticity, V -Visibility, I- Interactivity. A complete AVI solution takes 16-20 weeks to implement. A simpler solution can be implemented in a shorter period.

    How will our partners in the supply chain adopt the solution- what will be their incentive to change?

    Partners like Transporters, Warehouses, distributors etc. will play a very critical role in implementing the solution. They will act as a node in the blockchain with a minimal investment in Computer Hardware and connectivity. It will drive a lot of efficiencies for each one of them as it is also brings very accurate visibility to stock through our the supply chain, improves back office processes including across their principal or customers. In several industry use cases, it can bring much better handling of trade promotions with the brand having comfort of good deployment of their sales & marketing investments. Opinion leaders (many may be part of the distribution chain eg mechanics in automotive industry) can have a more direct connect with the brand. Finally It is an opportunity for them to be part of a new technology and elevate their standing in the industry.

    Can you give examples of Global companies adopting these type of solution?

    Global giants like Walmart, Carrefour, Maersk, Dubai Ports, Kuehne Nagel, J P Morgan (along with 55 other banks), HSBC, Dubai Govt, Singapore Govt among many others are implementing blockchain at this point.

    Can I add Fasicuchain to my current traceability system? If so, how and how difficult will it be to do so?

    Yes, Fasicuchain can be added to current traceability systems. It can almost be thought of as an encryption protocol with a networked component.

    Will Fasicuchain help my internal operations, or is it only for external/ supply chain traceability? Can Fasicuchain scale to meet the traceability needs of a broad supply chain network?

    Fasicuchain can help internal operations by having a sustained chained record of tracking events of your supply chain. Internal links can be logged into our database, Fasicuchain solution is designed to be scaled to meet the needs of a broad supply chain network.

    Does transparency mean everyone can see my data? How does Fasicuchain protect proprietary information?

    Transparency is the corner stone of a distributed ledger system. The philosophy of many blockchain innovators is to have as much transparency as possible, which may not be among the goals for a specific supply chain. Therefore, to control and manage access Fasicuchain protects certain data with “smart contracts”.

    Can we use Fasicuchian solution to incentivize our customers as we as a brand do not yet have a loyalty program?

    As explained in the earlier answer, brands that do not have loyalty program, Fasicuchain token or F-Coin based loyalty program could be an easy way to start a loyalty program.

    Will Fasicuchain support us post implementation?

    Yes, Fasicuchain will be happy to support businesses after implementation for tech developments, troubleshooting, solving business problems etc.

    Which all functions/departments should be involved in the implementation and adoption of the solution?

    Key stakeholders in the implementation process are packaging, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing as well as IT.

    Will our label suppliers be required to investment in their production process?

    Our label producing partner would be required to integrate its printing process with the blockchain technology. Most of them already have the printing technology required for Fasicuchain solution. therefore, they will incur zero or minimal additional investment. Capabilities to print Variable QR codes and variable data may need to be added to the convertor’s capacities.

    Will this solution increase our cost?

    Fasicuchain delivers enormous value right across the value chain. Fasicuchain solution will increase the cost marginally on account of unique product level, non-cloneable, blockchain enabled F-labels. However, at a product level, the incremental cost is extremely small. For very low price point product we offer batch level provenance which can greatly reduce the cost per sku.

    What is the RoI of such cost?

    There are hard benefits and soft benefits from Fasicuchain. Hard benefits include process improvement within the company with better visibility of inventory from manufacturing line through distribution and logistics to retail. Reduction of Out of Stock at retail point to the tune of 2-3% has been demonstrated at other customers. Reduction of counterfeit products helps drive up sales. In an automotive case fakes reduced from an estimated 15-20% to ~5%. The softer benefit is the brand image and customer satisfaction with having the guarantee of real products. In regulated industries like pharma, liquor and food the legal statutory risk from counterfeit and risky products is extremely big. Fasicuchain is a big mitigant against this and offers companies a lot of protection for showing due care in their own product.

    How is Fasicuchain traceability similar or different from traditional traceability systems?

    Fasicuchain is an infrastructure with characteristics amenable to greater adoption among supply partners than existing traceability tools. It is similar to existing traceability systems in that its goals are to increase interoperability and data availability on your supply chain. The primary difference comes from Fasicuchain’s ability to decentralize data housing, make the record immutable and rely on encryption for data verification and assurance.Fasicuchain is also different compared to other traceability systems in that all partners have a copy of the shared ledger. Because all of the information is on the same record complete with timestamps, those who need access for an event, such as a recall, can increase the speed of a traceback investigation.

    How secure is business data in a Fasicuchain?

    The record on Fasicuchain is immutable. Transaction on Fasicuchain is governed by smart contracts. It can be safely said that Fasicuchain built of ((of or on)Etherium is one the most secure databases in the world at this point.

    Will Fasicuchain help me better meet the regulator (e.g.FDA) rules?

    Fasicuchain can help increase traceability of information and record keeping. It also increases the speed. It will help in creating the ‘one source of truth’ and build reliability/credibility of the data and increase compliance

    Which blockchain technology and standard are used by Fasicuchain?

    Fasicuchain solution is built on the Ethereum blockchain;

    We have a loyalty program- is there a way to integrate the program with Fasicuchain solution?

    It is possible to integrate the Fasicuchain solution with existing loyalty programs. Fasicuchain offers F-coin which is a universal token redeemable across an ecosystem of brands. For brands that already have loyalty program, they may start using F-coin incentives that is universally used.